Dr Israr Wong

dr israr
  • Founding doctor of a prominent medical aesthetics clinic located on the fringe of the CBD.
  • Local Trainer for Dysport® Botulinium Toxin A
  • First Singaporean Trainer and Pioneer Member of Ellanse’s First Asia Advisory Board for Ellanse® collagen-stimulating filler
  • Regional Trainer for Merz Aesthetics (Radiesse®, Belotero®).
  • Ad-hoc Trainer of other doctors for Silhouette Soft®.
  • Resident Writer for a medical info-site Doctorxdentist.com


His special interest is in dramatic facial contouring and rejuvenation with injectables (Botox, Fillers, Threadlifts) combination therapy.


He was conferred:

  • The Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine and the Masters of Hair Transplantation from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)
  • The Certificate of Hair Transplantation from Maxwell Hair Clinic of Gangnam, Seoul
  • Certificates of Competence for general aesthetic medicine issued by the Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee of Singapore.

He was also trained by top aesthetic surgeons and doctors from:


Dr Israr Wong offers all-rounded medical aesthetic treatments ranging from:

  • Injectables (Botox, Fillers)
  • Non-surgical facelifts (Thermage™ CPT, Ulthera, Korean Threadlift, Silhouette Soft)
  • Both surgical/non-surgical options of hair loss (including hair transplant)


  • Chemical and light rejuvenation of the skin (Super Skin Rejuvenation™)
  • Skin lasers (Pixel™ Pro, Korean pigment laser)
  • Localised non-surgical fat reduction (Liposonix™, CoolTech)
  • Super Hair Removal (SHR™)
  • He also offers dedicated medical solutions to men’s wellness and cutting edge anti-aging therapy.

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